Space, place and religious mandscapes

Space, Place and Religious
Landscapes: Living Mountains


Thursdays: 16:0 0 – 18:00 GMT
25 February and 4, 11, 18, 25 March

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Frank Prendergast:
The archaeology of height – cultural meaning in the relativity of Irish megalithic tomb siting
Anna Estaroth:
How the shadow of the mountains created sacred spaces in Early Bronze Age Scotland


Jon Cannon:
Time and place at Brentor: Exploring an encounter with a ‘sacred mountain’
Darrelyn Gunzburg:
Building paradise on the Hill of Hell in Assisi: Mountain as reliquary


Bernadette Brady:
Mountains talk of kings and dragons, the Brecon Beacons


Fiona Bowie:
Mountains as sources of power in seen and unseen worlds
Amy Whitehead:
Appalachian animism: Religion, the woods, and the material presence of the mountain


Lionel Obadia:
Are Himalayan peaks sacred?: The paradoxical and polylogical construction of mountains
Alan Ereira:
The Black Line of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta; a Red Line for a mountain

Space, place and religious mandscapesCanolfan Sophia The Sophia Cenre



Astrology and the body

The 20th century has seen astrologers focus on the psyche, with little reference to soma or the physical body. For centuries astrologers were physicians as well as spiritual guides, this talk looks at 21st century attitudes to the body as seen through the astrological lens.

The Dawn of Astrology

What can we learn from the way astrological knowledge came together? We look at the history of very early astrological discoveries and ideas, with reference to material derived from Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Astrology

We trace the early roots of astrology in ancient Egypt, noting their awareness of equinoctial precession and the creation of calendars.
Although this talk covers topics from pre-history up to the Greco-Roman period, the main focus is on the tomb sky maps of the New Kingdom, primarily Senenmut's 1534 BCE chart.

Animal Symbolism

Animals pepper the zodiac and constellations, but do we truly understand what they originally meant? We look at cross-cultural ideas from the Babylonian, Mayan, Native Australian and 17th Century European cultures.

Homes have charts too

This is about the chart of your own home and how it influences your life. Everyone lives somewhere and your house has a particular chart, whether it's bought or rented, you will be amazed at how much influence the chart of your home actually has.


Venus is often undervalued in birth charts, so I aim to re-interest you in the power of Venus, by exploring her myths. This talk has a strong visual element to it.


Exploring the way people relate by looking at the charts of famous couples.

Fixed stars

These slow moving stellar phenomena are frequently overlooked in modern astrology. This talk is designed to awaken your interest in their symbolism and how it relates to modern life.

Cycles and Eclipses

How the great cycles and even the small ones affect our lives? Why are Eclipses so powerful? What do we need to look out for in the coming years?

Horary Astrology

Whether you are an expert or an innocent about horary, this talk is designed to inform you how to use the technique and answer any question the participants chose to ask.


We explore 12 charts of Saturn through the signs and houses - it's easier to understand how your own Saturn operates when you view it through the lives of famous people. (This is a taster, or summary version, of the one day workshop on Saturn.)

Astrology and Crystals

How healing crystals relate to the astrological signs and planets. Why you resonate in concert with certain gemstones and what is happening when you do. (This is a summary of some of the material, which the one day workshop covers in depth.)


The Scottish astrologer, Maurice Wemyss, wrote about astrology and occupations back in the late 1930's – this talk is an attempt to update, some of his material.

Mystery Charts

This talk is devoted to getting you to contemplate, by offering several charts where you work out the occupation. This is more fun and interactive than competitive, as the audience divide into small groups to make their choices and feedback their collective insight. It's perfect for groups where those who are relatively new to astrology have the chance to share ideas with others who are more experienced.

Neptune in Pisces

An historical review of what occurred when Neptune was last in Pisces. What can we learn about the potential for the current transit of Neptune through Pisces from previous events? Will the Arab spring peter out like the European spring? Is the fever of finding oil similar to the gold rushes?

Pluto in Capricorn

I first gave this talk in 2007, before Pluto entered Capricorn, it has been many lifetimes since it was last in Capricorn so I wanted to know what to expect. It gives a historical perspective on the way people react to Pluto's position and some predictions for this phase.

The Whole Chart

This is for those of you who have had enough of formal lectures. It uses mime and participation to explore non-verbal astrological influences. It's a lot of laughs and you learn a few things along the way.

The seven deadly sins

We look at the charts of seven individuals who have broken the bounds of decent human interaction.


Can we understand ourselves better by considering more deviant behaviour? This talk looks at some very strange individuals indeed.

Tzu Hsi last Empress of China

The story of the last Empress of China, during whose lifetime, so many dramatic changes took place. This talk is based on a few biographies of the Empress and her time of birth, as given in one of them.