Introduction to Astrology
Sponsored by the Scottish Astrological Association Ltd., this introductory series of workshops aims to explore astrology experientially: each participant will discover what their birth chart means for them. Using text material and discussion, plus some guided imagery, we hope to delve deep into the meaning of your personal horoscope. Each individual gains in self-awareness, plus it helps us to think about how we relate to one another socially. No prior knowledge of astrology is required, but it would be helpful if details of place, time and date of birth are provided prior to class, so I can bring along your printed horoscope. The workshops will be presented and facilitated by Anna Estaroth FAPAI. Click here to find ou more...

Egyptian Astrology
The Egyptians were inveterate star gazers and storytellers. Their myths and legends tell us a lot about the human condition. This workshop includes meditation and the discussion of symbols to help enrich our understanding of ourselves.

Astrology of your home
This is about the chart of your own home and how it influences your life. Everyone lives somewhere and your house has a particular chart. It would help (but it's not essential) if participants have some idea of the date and time they entered their own house. It's also important to see the house in relation to your surroundings, so the workshop explores local space charts which explain why you have certain experiences in particular locations.

We explore charts of Saturn through the signs and houses - it's easier to understand how your own Saturn operates when you view it through the lives of famous people.

Astrology and Crystals
How healing crystals relate to the astrological signs and planets. Why you resonate in concert with certain gemstones and what is happening when you do. This workshop has a hands-on element to it.

Meditations on the solar system
This is an interactive workshop designed for you to access your innermost feelings about the Sun, Moon and Planets. Using symbols and imagery we explore what each planet means for you as an individual.


Talks usually require the use of a projector. If your group does not have access to one, please let me know in advance, as I have one I can bring. Some workshops have hand-outs which need to be made in advance, so I would appreciate either a rough estimate of numbers attending, so I can print in advance, or directions to a nearby photocopying or printing machine.

Anna Estaroth FAPAI has been a professional consultant astrologer since 1971. Based in Edinburgh, but with a world-wide clientele, she lectures both in the UK and internationally. She is an active member and past Chair of the Scottish Astrological Association. She was the astrologer in the Scotsman newspaper for 10 years and has run astrology workshops in Egypt. Currently she is studying for an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology at the University of Wales, Trinity St David.